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We all know that if we are in business we have to be online. We hire designers like me to create websites and then...

And then what?

I regularly come across business people that know they need a website but have not considered, and sometimes do not realise, that this is just the beginning. Imagine if this was a new warehouse for our business, or a new shop. We would employ a project manager, an architect, maybe an interior designer, a builder. We would have already worked out our plan of action and our reasons why we need the building. We would have factored into our business plan the costs and liabilities ongoing, and most importantly, we would have worked out the benefits to our business.

Websites are just part of the equation for being online. We hear people talk about SEO, PPC, good content, persuasive copy, but do we know how that all fits together? Do we know what is useful, and what is not? Do we know what to do next?

We are way past the point where 'having' a website is the end point for our online activities. If there is a point to being in business, then that point needs to be addressed by our website. If we need to sell more product, get more appointments, find more leads... then we need a plan, consult the right people and finance that operation. We also need to plan how we are going to measure the effectiveness of that operation.

So, you need to not only hire me (or someone you know who is very like me!), but do so on an ongoing basis. In doing so, you will be connecting with someone who knows other professionals that can help with your content strategy, sort out videos for your online campaigns or website, work on optimising your performance and who knows how to make sure that your website is improving and being tested for every page of your website that has a required result (I cannot think of any that would not!).

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